Sometimes we need something to jump start the process of fulfilling the Great Commission. We need a goal to mobilize people. Join in this initiative for three consecutive Pentecost Sundays, beginning in 2018:

  • 2018: Prayer—Pentecostals everywhere praying. We are a people borne out of prayer. Motivating pastors and prayer leaders to pray.
  • 2019: Care—Demonstrating care; mobilizing our compassion coalition, love your neighbor campaign.
  • 2020: Share—Pentecostals sharing their faith, missional praying.

This is a tactical exercise to awaken our churches to the 2030 goal of fulfilling the Great Commission, to become missional churches. “Prayer is at its heart worship and at its end mission. In between, God meets our needs,” Doug Small stated. What we’ve done, however, is make prayer all about our needs.

What if we could call the church back to prayer? What if we could get the love of Jesus in our hearts? What if we could challenge the 98% of people in our churches who do not share their faith outside the church to begin to pray for other people and conversationally tell their story?

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