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The Virtual Prayer Meeting is complete for 2018.

Pentecost Sunday
Mobilizing prayer for the Great Commission over the next 3 Pentecost Sundays. Praying, Caring, Sharing

Special Conference
Learn about a unique conference designed for small-town and rural church pastors and leaders.

2018 Virtual Prayer Meeting Partners

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We want to thank our partners in this Virtual Prayer Meeting РRadio Training Network and their incredible Prayer & Crisis hot line team. You can become a prayer line volunteer without leaving home by committing as few as two hours a week. The RTN Prayer and Crisis Referral team will train you, provide response materials, and you can become a part of a national network of wonderful volunteers who receive over 12,000 calls a month from  hurting people across the nation who simply need a comforting voice and moment with someone in prayer. Last year, almost 20,000 gave their hearts to Christ on this wonderful volunteer line. Call 866-965-1824. Or, send an email to

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Participant Spotlight

Thank you to these participants in the 2018 Virtual Prayer Meeting.

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