Partner with us!

From January 7-28, 2018, with so much at stake for the nation, we will again call the nation to prayer. The calls will be one hour long and will begin at 9 PM EST each night. We invite your help and participation!

Are you a denominational leader? Prayer Leader for your denomination? A pastor of a mega-church? Consider hosting a night of prayer. Our requests and recommendations to you are:

  • Please choose one night, from January 7-28, and sponsor an hour of prayer for your organization. This would be “your night,” one on which you would “own” the call, the emphasis, the schedule and the guests. On previous and subsequent nights, another ministry will host the call. Our goal is to create a movement of unified prayer.
  • Appeal to your constituency to engage in a prayer and fasting initiative in January 2018 and join your call. Prayer and fasting resources will be posted on the website. Your movement is free to borrow and adapt these for your own use and brand them in whatever way you chose. If you develop resources you are willing to share, with your permission, we will post those on the site giving your organization appropriate credit.
  • In doing the call in this manner, with your ownership, we hope to gather thousands to the call nightly, and spark an awakening. We will also foster the idea of collaborative praying, across denominational lines.
  • You may want to live-stream your call on your website and through social media.We would then, at Project Pray, capture the audio. This would allow us to have one constant phone number over the 22 days. It would also give you a unique means of connecting with your constituency via your website and social media channels – the best of both worlds.
  • If you choose to do audio only – that is fine; either way, we’ll help.
  • Let us reserve a date for your movement, immediately. We will send you basic publicity materials to promote this as a night of prayer for your movement or organization in the context of the January prayer initiative.

Last year the Church of God live-streamed a 90-minute prayer and vision experience from our general headquarters with Dr. Tim Hill, our General Overseer, and various guests. On the last of three nights, 40,000 people were viewing the call to prayer via the live-stream or through social media. On Facebook, prayer requests began appearing. Amazingly, they were followed immediately by the posting of prayer responses. We engaged a very significant segment of our denomination in prayer – all over the world.

What if we could do this with ten denominations or more? We may well spark a movement of prayer, leading to awakening!

Together we can do more than we can do separately. Don’t forget the ‘co’ in the Great ‘Co’mmission. God wants us to pray and reach the harvest together. We hope you will consider being a vital partner in this prayer experience.

To be considered as a host and schedule your night, contact Gloria Ross at PROJECT PRAY at 704-792-5586. Let us hear from you as soon as possible! God bless you richly!


The PCCNA Prayer Commission



Listen to a recording of each night’s call of the 2017 Virtual Prayer Meeting>

Guests from 2017: